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Tipalti Drives Product Roadmap with Presales Intel


The Presales team at Tipalti wanted to help shape the product roadmap, and they needed a foundation of credible data to do it. Typically, the product roadmap had been driven by customer surveys and market analysis—which are still being used, but ignores the insights that Presales captures in the field. In addition, as the Presales team grew quickly at Tipalti, its leader David Schultz wanted visibility into team efficacy and activities, as well as the patterns in performance that led to better win rates.


The Vivun platform brought together the Presales and Product team at Tipalti in a powerful way: "We get together and review the data in the Hero platform monthly," Schultz says. The organization now has the ability to streamline and accelerate decision-making regarding product enhancements, and can be transparent with all stakeholders regarding the data used to make decisions. And Schultz loves the operational aspect of Vivun as well: he can export a list of product gaps for his CRO to see, and use Vivun for capacity planning and resource allocation.


Product enhancements driven by Vivun are likely to have a definitive impact on top and bottom revenue for the company. Schultz says, "We see the possibility for just one feature that was prioritized in part by Vivun to affect millions of dollars in potential ACV.”

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