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Mirakl Scales Global Team with Vivun


Mirakl experienced massive growth and scale as a fast-growth unicorn; as EMEA Presales VP Simon Dyer pointed out, “From day one I was hiring, hiring, hiring." But the structure of Presales was undefined, and there were no best practices. Reps would engage Presales too early into opportunities, and there were no metrics or visibility into what the team was doing day-to-day. As US Presales VP Natasha Sachdeva stated, “We were all remote, even pre-COVID, and we wanted to track presales activities better, and understand the patterns that led to 'wins' – and to have all of it backed up with data."


Realizing that their Sales Ops team wouldn't move quickly enough to solve the problem, Simon and Natasha engaged Vivun. They gained an enhanced ability to allocate Presales resources based on qualified opportunities, skill set, and timing. They gained full visibility into day-to-day activities of individual team members globally, the ability to see "winning patterns" based on Presales activities and configurations, and the data to start scaling the function. Natasha also highlighted that her team members love the platform: "The funnel view was life changing. My team never had such amazing tool to capture their efforts and show their value."


Simon said, "At forecast calls, having Vivun information at my fingertips is gold. I know exactly what the Presales sentiment is on each deal. We’ve been able to truly raise the strategic profile of Presales at Mirakl – the data we capture goes all the way up the chain.” Natasha added: "Vivun has enabled me to justify asking for more headcount – and I’ve received it! It’s due to the platform’s ability to show the patterns and the data behind each piece of closed business, and how our team contributes.”

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