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Redgate Justifies Scaling and Headcount with Insights from Vivun


PreSales was a black box. Arneh Eskandari, Head of PreSales, said: “We didn’t know what ‘good’ looked like, but we wanted to identify the patterns and activities that led to technical wins and closed business. We wanted to understand the PreSales ability to support reps—and to understand when it was necessary to scale headcount based on the Sales ramp. We also had ad-hoc processes for obtaining PreSales resource; reps would just put a demo meeting on the calendar of the person they liked the best, or anyone who seemed available—we needed a real resource allocation system.”


“As a platform Vivun is a must-have, an absolute no brainer, giving us features and capabilities across all the dimensions we need. The black box is gone, and we’ve been able to create team KPIs around the data Vivun gives us.” Arneh continued, "We're now able to identify winning patterns in the business, seeing what the top performers are doing and replicating their approach." There's also value for individual contributors: "They’ve realized they're gaining insights into their own performance, and can adjust their strategy in order to improve their chance at getting the technical win. For example, they can see how much time they’re spending on demos, and meetings—and they can see whether those patterns lead to results.” And finally, resource allocation issues have been solved. “The Team Member Request feature has been a game changer to ensure we put the right talent on the right opportunities. It has really enabled us to create a world-class process for assigning and allocating PreSales resources to the sales team.”


“We now understand the full impact of PreSales on the business and can prove it with data. For example, we just hired two new Sales Engineers—and it was easy to justify those hires with the data derived from Vivun.”