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How Do You Justify Presales Headcount to the CFO?

Justifying headcount was always a challenge for presales leaders, but in the “new normal” where not every company is necessarily growing like wildfire, it’s even more...

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Expert Guides

Vivun Benchmark Report: Compensation

Vivun surveyed PreSales leaders during the Winter of 2021 with dozens of in-depth questions about compensation.

The Definitive Guide To PreSales Metrics

Understand the metrics that matter and how they can be used to drive change within your organization.

Vivun Benchmark Report: The State of PreSales

Key trends and metrics in PreSales asked of PreSales leaders during the Summer of 2020.

The Guide to PreSales Compensation Plans

Understand the drivers behind PreSales compensation and how to develop effective plans.


PreSales Never Ends: Should We Own The Entire Customer Journey?

On-Demand Fireside Chat: Leaders in the industry discuss how PreSales delivers value at every step of the customer journey

How PreSales + Product Catch the Liars in the Room

On-Demand Webinar with Yuji Higashi & Brian Cotter: Tips and insights for working with Product to elevate PreSales, win revenue, and crush the competition

PreSales Collaboration Across Market Segments and Regions

On-Demand Fireside Chat: Learn how to collaborate with peers and win together as an SE leadership team

The Habits of Highly Effective PreSales Leaders: 2021 Edition

On-Demand Webinar with Chris White: How to set your PreSales team up for success, unlock its strategic value, and make the greatest impact on revenue

PreSales Tribal Knowledge: Use it, or Lose it

On-Demand Fireside Chat: Leaders from Consensus, MongoDB, and Vivun discuss how best to preserve and maximize your best SE’s intel

Earning a Seat at the Table for PreSales Leadership

On-Demand Webinar with Bob Riefstahl: Why it's in every organization's best interest to ensure that PreSales has a voice when decisions are made

Bulletproof Your PreSales Hiring Plans

On-Demand Fireside Chat: Leaders from Twilio, Cloudflare, and mParticle discuss best practices to build PreSales teams and attract stellar candidates

How PreSales is Becoming the Future of Every Enterprise

On-Demand Webinar with Eve Besant: Changes in the business and technology landscape has given PreSales the power to strategically move a company forward

Justifying the Value of a PreSales Team

On-Demand Webinar with Toby Penn: Unlock PreSales' potential and demonstrate its value

Building the Foundation of a Global PreSales Team

On-Demand Webinar with Don Carmichael & Andy Hawkins: The best approaches for taking PreSales teams global

Enabling Successful Habits of Efficient Sales Engineers

On-Demand Webinar with Chris White: How PreSales leaders can drive success within their team

Vivun Platform Overview

On-Demand Webinar with Matt Darrow: A quick, informative overview of Vivun, the world's first platform designed for PreSales

Run Sales Engineering As A Business

On-Demand Webinar with special guest John Care, Author and Managing Director of Mastering Technical Sales

Achieving The Technical Win With Virtual Teams

On-Demand Webinar with Matt Darrow: Capturing the interactions and data points occurring remotely to effectively leverage your virtual workforce

What Is PreSales?

On-Demand Webinar with Peter Cohan: PreSales is the secret to shorter sales cycles


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