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Branch Leverages Product Intelligence to Find More Money


At Branch, product and feature development was heavily influenced by “the loudest voice in the room” — no one had data to “prove” what was required by the market. Therefore, trying to turn the noise from the sales team into actionable product feedback was impossible. “We had hundreds of sales people representing thousands of client requests, and we struggled to condense and analyze all the feedback.” And yet, no real product existed that could synthesize all of the feedback and input from the reps in a way that created an action plan for the product team. “You have suggestion box software, but that kind of tool isn’t tied to sales opportunities and revenue. We wanted our work to directly impact sales."


With Vivun capturing intelligence from the field, Branch gained a powerful insight into product features and enhancements that have the potential to affect the largest number of opportunities for the greatest contract value, as well as a dramatic ability to streamline and accelerate decision making regarding product enhancements. "And now we have the data to show people why we're building what we're building; we're not flying blind. It's a data-driven process now."


“Vivun has allowed us to prioritize product enhancements that we would otherwise have missed, because we didn’t have the data to know how meaningful they were to our larger clients. One of those features, involving access rights, has positively affected ACV of over $5 million dollars.”

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