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I want a voice in my company’s product roadmap

Leverage insights from the field to deliver the products customers and prospects are ready to buy that beat the competition
  • Centralize the demands of customers and prospects
  • Quantify the business impact of product enhancements
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence to cluster feedback at scale
  • Share insights across executive dashboards

I want to improve the accuracy of our sales forecast

Rank opportunities on their technical merits to base forecasts on your most reliable and accurate point of view
  • Capture the net new enterprise data set generated throughout the presales engineering workflow
  • Apply Artificial Intelligence to quantify the technical merit of a sales opportunity and receive recommendations to increase the chance of deal closure
  • Seamlessly incorporate insights into existing dashboards and reporting tools

I want to achieve operational excellence

Gain complete transparency into the efforts of the team while clearly understanding the metrics that matter to reduce cost of sale and accelerate sales
  • Automate data capture to understand team activities while eliminating the burden of data entry on individuals
  • Configure rules to prequalify requests for team members
  • Create and share best practice templates for critical deliverables
  • Scale with consistency by ensuring processes are being followed

I want a better way to target deals after product releases

Say goodbye to unread release notes and the monthly release review no one attends
  • Receive personalized alerts when product development activities impact the opportunities and accounts you care about
  • Monitor and revive previously closed-lost opportunities when relevant product development has been completed
  • Quickly triage and prioritize the sales funnel against the technical merits of a deal

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