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One platform to rule them all

CRM customizations, context switching across 6 separate tools, spreadsheets, slack conversations and dinner at the last QBR. The status quo for presales tools has changed. Welcome home.

  • Funnel: Manage your deals on your terms and clearly know what needs your attention.
  • Lists: Easily prioritize your work by seeing critical data based on your preferences, not sales ops.
  • Alerts: Receive personalized messages tailored to the things you care about that move deals forward.

Beautiful user interfaces that work where you work

At home, in the office, or on the go. Vivun’s web app, mobile apps, and browser extensions are designed to help team members focus on what matters while automating the capture of critical information. Managing your day and providing visibility to management has never been easier, faster, or more fun.

Artificial Intelligence tools designed for presales

Vivun’s expert system continuously analyzes unstructured data through advanced natural language and data processing techniques to surface critical insights that get smarter and smarter over time. For example, leverage Deal Revival®, to take down new business when product enhancements close critical technical gaps.

  • Hero Score®: Take your sales forecast to the bank by leveraging the technical conscience of every deal, powered by data from presales, your most trustworthy and accurate source of information
  • Clustering: Become a truly data driven development organization by opening the floodgates on input from the field while automatically identifying and clustering similar feedback
  • Recommendations: Enable teams effortlessly by recommending the strategies known to remedy risky deals or bolster opportunities in flight

Notes that share the love

Real-time collaborative note taking keeps everyone on the same page, even while working apart. Define manager-approved templates to establish consistency and bake best practices directly into Vivun.

Analytics that will make you rethink everything

Sales metrics tell you why you get in the door. Presales metrics tell you why you win. In a continuous quest to reduce cost of sale and accelerate sales, these are the metrics that matter.

  • Formula for success: Uncover the patterns behind high performing teams and the strategies they employ to win.
  • Build your team: Performance metrics at your fingertips to justify headcount, spot skill gaps, and promote key players.
  • Outpace the competition: Start prioritizing product roadmaps based on the business impact of market demands and say goodbye to gut feel.


Pre-built to work with the tools you already use.
With no setup or implementation fees, do your sales ops teams a favor for once.

Azure Devops


Vivun's information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations
meet the rigorous SOC 2 and ISO 27001 Trust Principles for security, confidentiality, and availability.

Soc 2 Type 2
ISO 27001

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