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Xactly Unlocks the Strategic Potential of its Global Team


VP of Solutions Consulting Robert DeMarco recognized there was too much “black box” with respect to presales activities, deliverables, and impact. He needed to monitor activity across the team and ensure resources were being managed effectively. Metrics and reporting were an afterthought: “Sales operations literally gave us leftover Salesforce objects; they didn’t meet our needs.” In addition, he wanted to capture product intelligence from the field and use it to inform product management priorities.


Xactly's presales leadership was up and running with CRO-ready dashboards and metrics in less than two weeks. They used Vivun's data-driven Hero Score to enables “quality check” on the sales forecast -- sales leadership reviews it often, thus giving presales a voice in the forecast. There's also incredible line-of-sight into resource allocation -- what’s needed based on upcoming deals and patterns of deliverables. “I can manage resources in a way I haven’t been able to before.” And Robert's presales team loves using the Vivun platform: "It's so much easier to manage their workflow with Vivun than it was trying to cram everything into Salesforce."


“We simply couldn’t have done any of this without Vivun. It can take 2-3 months to get a few reports out of our internal team -- to build what Vivun provides us? Impossible.”

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