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MRI Software Supercharges Presales Team


David Marsh, Global VP of Sales Engineering, lacked visibility into presales activity; he couldn’t even answer the question “How many demos did we do last quarter?” He also lacked key metrics such as “What is our win rate per product line?” He also wanted to tap into presales intelligence to help shape the company's product market fit.


The team has gained incredible metrics and reporting on team productivity, effectiveness, and win-rates that goes all the way to the CEO and the board. “You can tell that Vivun was built by a team who led presales themselves; they reflect the hard-won experience of having lived the role.” The team can also forecast deals with enhanced precision, due to visibility into presales activities and what they’re doing to support each deal. “In a post-COVID world, the question I get asked the most is ‘Are you going to make your pipeline?’ Vivun gives me this answer on the fly." And now the platform set up to capture unparalleled intelligence for informing the product offering, with the goal of aligning sales, presales, and product.


“If I had to build in Salesforce even just a bare bones version of Vivun gives me, it would take 1-2 FTE sales ops people and hundreds of hours. And that’s even if they had the time to spare me, which they don’t.”

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