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Dynamic Signal Chases Global Growth with Vivun


Despite a greater than 90% attach rate on active sales opportunities, Chris Browne, Director of Solutions Consulting, indicated that “Our visibility and measurement of Presales activity was primarily ‘gut feeling’ and limited activity data in Salesforce. I had a general sense of when my team got engaged in deals, and how many demos they were doing, but not at scale across the team for the sales pipeline we were supporting.” In addition, understanding the most effective kind of resource allocation was difficult: “I’d get an email or a Slack asking for Presales help, and had limited visibility into current capacity on the team to support these requests. My business justification for Vivun was simple. If we’re going to scale, and provide an environment where people on the team feel valued, we need to understand and refine our operational engine and engagement model so we know where we’re driving the most impact.”


With Vivun, the Dynamic Signal team gained complete visibility into the “black box” of daily activities, deliverables, and opportunities, creating a narrative supported by data of “what it takes to win." Chris Browne also pointed out the efficiency gains: “If a member of my team is driving higher conversion within the sales stages we support, I’m able to extract what they’re doing out of Vivun and replicate those learnings across the team." Dynamic Signal also achieved seamless allocation of resources based on the “Member Request” feature that enables better qualification and team utilization, and are in the early stages of incorporating the Vivun Hero Score into the sales forecast to demonstrate the Presales view of opportunities and their technical merits.


“Vivun is my operational engine; as a leader at a data-driven company like Dynamic Signal, without it I’m flying blind. It’s become a critical part of my playbook for scaling up team operations. We're growing quickly -- there’s never been a time where connecting people within organizations is more critical -- and Vivun allows my team to keep the pace and support that growth.”