[OAKLAND, Calif., April 23, 2019]  Vivun Inc., the leading presales software provider, today announced it was chosen as the presales management solution for Flexera, the software company that helps organizations realize technology’s power to accelerate their business.  Vivun’s flagship product, Hero, will provide the global infrastructure to formalize resourcing while consolidating the Voice of Opportunity across the field to product.

“Flexera continues to grow and change, and this includes adding a significant number of Sellers and Customer Success Managers, requiring broader access to the skillset of the Solution Engineering team,” said Robert Comella, Senior Director of Solution Engineering at Flexera. “In researching the market, we discovered that Vivun was the only company focused on solutions to help manage the presales role.”

Flexera has continued portfolio expansion through acquisitions which span IT and SaaS lifecycle and license management sectors.

With the explosive growth and the increase of headcount across teams, ensuring the proper resources are being used efficiently across the organization to drive revenue can be difficult to measure without a centralized data set.

“The expanded visibility provided by Vivun through the Solution Engineering resource request and management process has driven a significant increase in quality and quantity of the broader team conversations around opportunity planning and strategy. Individuals making resource requests are better prepared to discuss the activity required, and Solution Engineering leaders can ensure the right resources are assigned for the right opportunities at the right time,” said Comella.

By partnering with Vivun, Flexera will utilize Hero to:

  • Operationalize deal support to manage the resourcing process throughout the opportunity lifecycle, allowing management to quantify support ratios needed to win and retain customers in all stages of the relationship
  • Identify quality opportunities by seamlessly measuring the impact of technical deliverables across all opportunities and accounts.  This will allow identification of critical insights to impact growth efficiency, forecast accuracy and overall product to prospect fit.


About Flexera

Flexera (www.flexera.com) gives companies clarity into their technology “black hole,” helping business leaders turn IT insight into action. With a portfolio of integrated solutions that deliver unparalleled technology insights, spend optimization and agility, Flexera helps enterprises realize IT’s full potential to accelerate their business. Flexera Software (www.flexerasoftware.com) offers solutions that help software and IoT companies implement new business models, protect their intellectual property and increase customer satisfaction.

About Vivun Inc.

Vivun provides the leading presales management solution helping companies of all sizes change the way they use data to build and sell products. Companies that use Vivun simply grow faster than their peers. They build the right products at the right time, retire more quota with the same budget, and find revenue faster by focusing on the right opportunities.